What are Floaters and Flashes?

You have floaters when you see black spots, lines or mosquito-like particles.

You have flashes when you see lights flashing even when there is no light flashing in your surroundings.


What causes Floaters and Flashes?

The most common cause is the degeneration of the jelly-like substance in your eyeball due to aging. Other causes include tear of your retina, retinal detachment and bleeding inside your eye due to Diabetes.

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What increases the risk of Retinal Detachment if you see Floaters or Flashes? 

The risk factors include short-sightedness, Cataract surgery, family history of Retinal Detachment, Diabetes and injury to the eye. If you see a sudden increase in Floaters, Flashes or blurred vision, this suggests that you may be at risk of Retinal Detachment.


Can Retinal Tear or Detachment be treated?

Retinal tear is treated with laser. Retinal Detachment is treated with surgery. You should discuss the suitable treatment with your doctor.


[NOTE: This FAQ contains general information about medical conditions and its treatment. The information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor. If you have any medical problem, you should consult a doctor.]