MediShield Integrated Plan Specialist Panels

Our clinic is on the specialist panel of the following MediShield IP plans. See the links below for details of your benefits at panel clinics:

For day surgery procedure done in our clinic with MOH Table/ Surgery Code, our clinic can e-file claim to your Medishield IP plan.

For surgery/ laser done in the hospital, the hospital will e-file claim to your Medishield IP plan.

Corporate Insurance Specialist Panels

Our clinic accepts the following corporate insurance cards provided that the requirement(s) of the insurance program are met (including presentation of insurance card at clinic, referral letter from general practitioner etc).

We will check if your corporate insurance entitles you to a cashless visit, or requires that you self-pay at our clinic based on corporate rates then claim for reimbursement.

We are on the following Corporate Specialist Panels:

  • Alliance – Ally, AXA Medismart, Medinet Prestige & Platinum, Great Eastern Supremecare, I-Medicare, Pru Priority, Tokiomarine
  • BUPA
  • IHP programs
  • MHC- AvivaPCP, AXA Clinicare, Income I-Medicare
  • Parkway Shenton programs including Cigna, Henner, AIA etc
Insurance Documents

If you need our doctor to fill in your insurance claim form, please send the form to us by email to We will send the completed form to you by post to your address registered with us.

If you require a simple doctor’s memo on your eye condition to support your insurance claim, you can send a request to us at We will send you the memo by email.

If a detailed medical report is required from our doctor, a medical report fee of $321.00 (inclusive of GST) will be payable.