What is Macular Hole? 

It is a hole that is formed over the macula (central part of the retina).The macula is the most central and important part of the retina which is important for good central vision.


What causes Macular Hole?

It is usually caused by aging. The jelly within the eye degenerates, pulls on the thin membrane on the topmost surface of retina, resulting in a Macula Hole. Macular Hole is also associated with trauma and myopia.


How do you realise you have Macular Hole? 

You can have blurred, distorted or double vision.


What are the available treatments for Macular Hole? 

Macular holes which are mild and do not cause any problems to your vision can be left alone first subject to regular eye checks by your eye doctor.

If the condition is serious, Macular Hole may be treated with a Vitrectomy, a form of keyhole surgery that uses small probes to enter the eye to remove the thin membrane. Gas is then injected into the eyeball to push the retina and close the hole. After Vitrectomy, the patient often needs to posture the head facing downwards in the day and night for one week to help the retina attach back to your eye. There is a also new treatment which involves injection of medicine into the eyeball to dissolve the vitreous (jelly-like substance within the eyeball).


[NOTE: This FAQ contains general information about medical conditions and its treatment. The information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor. If you have any medical problem, you should consult a doctor.]