We offer the following Cataract Day Surgery Packages (effective 19 March 2019):

Seniors Package Mt Elizabeth Novena (single room day ward): S$ 5125.23 
Standard Package Mt Elizabeth Novena (single room day ward): S$ 5526.48 
Complex Package Mt Elizabeth Novena (single room day ward): S$ 6195.23



  • “Mt Elizabeth Novena” refers to the surgery being done by Dr Loh at Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 329563.
  • Effective from 19 March 2019. Prices are quoted based on day surgery packages offered by the hospitals for self pay and Medishield e-file cases only. Prices are subject to terms and conditions of hospital cataract package. Please check with our clinic on details of the terms and conditions.
  • Dr Loh determines the type of package that applies to the patient based on condition.
  • Our clinic is on the specialist panel of certain corporate insurance and Medishield insurance plans. Packages stated here do not apply to patients who intend to use corporate insurance plans or Medishield  insurance plans from these insurance companies as our clinic has to follow the fixed surgeon fees and anesthetist fees specified by the insurance companies. 
  • Package prices include:
    • 7% GST
    • Dr Loh’s surgeon fees for cataract extraction and lens implant by phacoemulsification
    • Anaesthetist fees (for local anaesthesia mild sedation)
    • Monofocal lens implant
    • Hospital cataract day surgery package
    • Post op medicine pack from clinic
  • See Medisave claimable limit for cataract surgery.


Updated as at 19 Mar 2019